Shadows is the backbone of web 3.0
as a store of value, allowing anyone to trade
on-chain assets from anywhere

What is Shadows?

Shadows is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol built on Substrate. The value of these synthetic assets is underpinned by DOWS, and as long as DOWS is locked in a smart contract, synthetic assets can be issued.

Unique debt pool design mechanism.
Trading of synthetic assets is essentially a transfer between debts. Smart contracts automatically execute the conversion of a synthetic asset to another synthetic asset without an order book, without counterparties, and without the problems of liquidity and trading slippage.

Decentralized Derivatives
Financial Hub
  • Trade freely
    Allowing anyone to trade on-chain
    assets from anywhere.
  • Trillion-dollar market
    Bringing trillions of offline financial assets into the
    Polkadot ecosystem through synthetic asset agreements.
  • Variable Debt Pool
    Unique variable debt pool design
    without counterparties, without an order book, and without the
    problems of liquidity and trading slippage.
  • Privacy and Security
    Everyone can have their own assets on the chain.
    Cross-border circulation and transaction can be
    achieved without regulation or censorship.
Technical Framework
Cross-chain asset synthesis and cross-chain asset trading
are supported based on the cross-chain characteristics of Polkadot.
Why do you need
synthetic assets?
Since there will always be people who are unable or unwilling to hold the initial assets, synthetic assets can fulfill our more diversified needs.
For users with hedging needs, they need stablecoins (which are synthetic assets) on the blockchain for liquidity rather than dollars;
synthetic assets often have more financial attributes than original assets.
For example, your cannot earn interest by holding BTC, but you can obtain continuous income by holding xBTC anchored to BTC.
Powering the Shadows
The DOWS token serves four distinct purposes
Trading Bonus
When someone trades synthetic assets in the Shadows Network, transaction fees are generated, which is distributed to DOWS holders.
Synthetic Asset Reward
Users can pledge DOWS into smart contracts to cast synthetic assets, and the corresponding rewards can be obtained if the collateral rate reaches 800%.
Users who hold DOWS can use it as collateral to cast synthetic assets and receive staking rewards.
DOWS token holders have the right to vote on system governance, such as adding new features, upgrading and fixing protocols, etc.
Our Partners
Our Team
We are a young and energetic technical team,
committed to building a decentralized Web 3.0 Internet using blockchain technology.
Co-founder CEO
Iror Chen
Iror has once worked for US-based Amphenol Group. In 2013, he entered the cryptocurrency industry and led a technical team to start up a business, having developed “Linkbit” and other Dapp applications. He is a senior practitioner with a deep understanding of blockchain industry.
Co-founder CTO
Bruce Lin
Bruce was once the core architect in a large Internet company and has worked at Baidu. He is an expert in concurrent finance and transactions and is skilled at the implementation and architecture evolution of java, nodejs, rust and other technology stacks. Bruce also has extensive professional experience with Ethereum, Substrate, Polkadot.
Co-founder COO
Ted Shao
Ted graduated from the University of Southern California. He is a senior practitioner in the blockchain industry. He is connected with a network of VCs, individual investors, and KOLs. He is responsible for overseas fund raising, marketing, and resource integration.
Co-founder CMO
Claire Cai
Claire has accumulated many years of operation and business work experience in major exchanges, and focuses on international marketing and business negotiations. She has successfully undertaken the operation management and investment promotion of several large blockchain summits.
Overseas CMO
Sue Xia
Sue graduated from the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, majoring in Finance. She worked at Chain Capital, a well-known Crypto Venture, as a senior analyst. She has experience in research, marketing, media and has great insight in blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Risk Control Expert
Liang Li
Liang has worked in many financial institutions such as Ping An Bank. His areas of expertise are financial product design and risk control. He has many years of working experience in the financial industry, and is committed to exploring the combination of blockchain technology and finance.
Our Advisors
Jasper Byun
Jasper is the founder of Blocksync Ventures. He has been working with start-ups for over 5 years and has coordinated investments exceeding $50M into world-class distributed technologies project. He has guided advisory portfolios to establish key strategic initiatives by securing partnerships, ensuring proper marketing direction, and encompassing overall day-to-day operations.
Kyle Chasse
Blockchain / Bitcoin since 2012, Keynote Speaker, Founder & CEO at Master Ventures & PAID Network.